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Fluid Markets provides two risk-management solutions for public equity investors:
1. Futures markets on public company KPIs
2. Buy-side estimates of public company KPIs

Our Solutions

Fluid Futures

Eliminate Market Risk With Futures Contracts on Public Company KPIs

Fluid Futures are futures products that offer investors the ability to invest in public company KPIs, as opposed to the stock, directly linking performance to one's prediction.*

Fluid Data

Our Fluid Futures market data enables investors to forecast fundamental expectations with newfound precision and accuracy to power their investment decisions.

A live feed

Real-time data from futures markets on public company KPIs. Accessible via API and an online portal, view completed orders, live order book data, and more.

Of Buy-Side Expectations

The "consensus" estimate is rarely the consensus. Our market data, anchored by buy-side market participants placing real trades, is a crystal ball for market expectations.

With Perfect Accuracy

The price for a specific futures contract on a given KPI is the buy-side's expectation of that KPI, discounted to the present value. The whisper number is a whisper no more.

What experts are saying

“We're actually more comfortable betting on the revenues and the profits than betting on the market's reaction to it"

CEO/CIO of Equity Hedge Fund

“It appeals to me because I love hedging, and I love only taking a view on the thing I like taking a view on"

CIO of Quantitative Hedge Fund

“Actually super interesting. Replacing different analyst ratings. A leading indicator of which way people think these fundamentals are going to go"

Director at a Leading Stock Exchange
Metrics and Markets

Your go-to podcast on the metrics that are moving markets.

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Earnings Watch

The blog dissecting the numbers behind earnings season. Brought to you by Metrics and Markets

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About Us

Fluid Markets provides two core risk-management solutions for public equity investors:
1. Futures markets on public company KPIs
2. Buy-side estimates of public company KPIs

Ken, Ari, and Ben are experienced entrepreneurs who have worked in derivatives and securitization investment banking at Goldman Sachs and Barclays - experiences that shed light on a cardinal flaw with equity investing.

Investors accept the status quo: Investing is left largely to chance and not to skill. Skill plays its part, but the best investors know "the market can stay irrational longer than [they] can stay solvent." Even when correct, it's understood an investor can still lose money. Stocks move unpredictably.

At Fluid, we're rewriting the status quo. With Fluid futures, investors can be sure they're compensated for world-class research.

With Fluid Data, estimates take on a new level of insight and accuracy.

Founder & CEO
Kenneth Book
Founder & CTO
Benjamin Litvin
Founder & COO
Ari Wax